Fences are used to visually identify property lines, to keep intruders out, and to keep animals and loves ones safe on your property. Whether you are replacing an old boundary or installing new fencing, take time to plan for a new fence before moving forward with your project.

Why You Need to Plan for a New Fence

Building a fence on your property may initially seem like a simple project. The time you spend installing the fence, the materials used, and the placement can impact your experience. Use these tips to effectively plan for a new fence.

1. Identify Your Goals

A new fence can serve one primary function or it can meet multiple needs for your property. A wood privacy fence around your backyard can be used to define property boundaries, to corral your pets, or to block your neighbor’s line of sight. Your goals will determine the materials and the placement of the fence. Identifying your specific goals is the first step to take as you plan for a new fence.

2. Budget To Effectively Plan for a New Fence

The size of your fence, the materials used, and how the fence is installed all depend on your budget. A stone boundary or solid wall around your yard may be desired, but your budget could limit you to a wood privacy fence.

The height of a chain link fence or the amount of space that you can cover with a decorative picket fence will also be affected by your budget. You can save money by carefully researching materials, shopping around, and by installing the fence yourself.

3. Choose the Right Materials

While you are establishing your fencing goals and budget, explore materials options. Your budget will influence the type of materials you choose, but most importantly, consider the purpose of the fence. Are you hoping to create a solid privacy fence or a simple chain link fence to create a safe place for your children and pets to play?

4. Talk to Your Neighbors

Discuss your fencing plans with your neighbors. Keep them informed of your home improvement project and discuss how the new fencing might affect them. Installing a fence that divides properties will impact your neighbor. In some cases, a neighbor may split the cost of installation and materials as he or she could also benefit from the fence.

New fencing can enhance the visual appeal of your property and increase its value. This is a project that you will want to research and plan. Use these helpful tips to plan for a new fence on your property. You’ll have a well-planned, streamlined project and enjoy better results.

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